Friday, May 23, 2014

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Thursday, May 22, 2014

How to craft weapon smithing in Wildstar

It is still hardly a pass to craft weapon smithing in Wildstar for free member, but there still have some tips to get more weapon smithing.

1) Some recipes are money losers, e.g. L 16 CAMs (a type of weapon mod) use a Sapphire Core (20.60) and a Bonding Interface (11.94), but sell for only 21.70.
2) To earn credits for rarer recipes, you'll want to be completing various assigned crafting orders, which cost you money to make but earn nothing since you can't vendor them. Completion doesn't pay much (if any) cash.
3) Some progress branches in the weapon tech trees require the salvaging of multiple weapons to progress, so you will want to salvage some or most spare crafted / looted weapons & thus have to feed money into the system.
4) There's no guarantee the weapon cost won't skyrocket beyond their value once you switch to higher tier components, like tier 2 fluxes. The inbalance between crafts shows that they didn't exactly think this through that carefully. Although tier -2 (Sapphire Core) based weapons are still money-makers if vendored.
5) Until/if they get around to balancing the economics between various crafting trades, word will get around and there will be many weaponsmiths and few tailors. Which means your stuff won't be worth much in auctions. Tailors may on the other hand be able to charge much more.

At level 16, I was able to keep my money supply roughly even while weaponsmithing through all my ore. But I wasn't earning any money either (I haven't try to auction anything), since the above factors do eat up some of your gold. And as you said earlier, money supply appears exceedingly tight, I have < 5 gold, having bought almost nothing. New class skills now cost > 1g each, it costs 5 gold to buy the first bank slot upgrade, > 10g for a basic mount, 1+ gold apiece for a week's worth of housing plot upgrades, etc.

Last, I didn't realize techs can craft cores, that's pretty attractive.

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Very practical Wildstar Mount skills

Players can buy the first riding skill and mount at level 15 for approximately 0.1 wildstar platinum from mount vendor. Once you buy the mount, you’ll find it in your inventory first, where you should use it. This action adds the mount to your mount list. Now you can choose it from mount customization window.

With new game UI, “Z” button has been assigned to help players use their mounts easier. By default it is placed in your bottom left corner. It is activated by keyboard button “Z”. There is a small arrow on this same button. You can use it to bring up a popup menu with list of all mounts you have in your possession. Mark one of them, and you can activate it by pressing “Z” button. Advanced riding skill is available at level 40, costs around 0.35 ws platinum, and increases mounted speed by 15%.

Wildstar Trash mobs Tips

Trash mobs – Enemies on foot
1. Shocktroopers, Riflemen, Rocket Troopers group of 22k – 48k HP mobs. Try to pull them in a group, then use aoe attacks. Good damage dealer can solo them without a problem.

2. Sabouteurs approximately 24k HP. Defense turrets are temporarily disabled during their existence. They are stealth until revealed, or until they place a bomb in your defense turrets or generator. Disable their bombs as quickly as possible. They are always near generator and defense turrets.
3. Specialists are group of melee attackers, 66k HP, that use cc abilities like blindness.
4. Snipers are long range enemies 25k HP, that easily knockdown players, with no shield.

Trash mobs – Tanks

1. Assault Tanks (109k HP) They rush toward the generator, slow them down and destroy before they reach generator. Although they have large AOE telegraphs that occasionally spawn, you have to attack him all the time without dodging.
2. Hellfire Tanks 109K HP, deploy hellfire probes, that set everything on fire. They are usually guarded by Bomb Guardian NPCs.
3. Tank Bunker Busters are big cart loaded with explosives (300k HP). If it reaches generator, it’ll probably destroy it. This Tank and saboteurs are your

Saturday, May 17, 2014

The Most Complete Wildstar Platinum Description

It is known that WildStar Platinum is the currency of the game, and use all eight races. In addition to the usual questioning and leveling, the most popular means of obtaining platinum is often related to crafting and trade skills. Although these activities in the platinum market revenue by a lot, they tend to be a lot less volatile than from a dungeon run (which can vary greatly, depending on how lucky and get drops).

This blog keeps track of all servers WildStar platinum development and provide comments on individual platinum seller. Although the price may go down, in general, the price is the highest in the first week of release. During the first two months of the biggest devaluation has ended. This platinum seller and character level cap has been reached by the discovery of platinum that level repeatable manner. General downward trend will continue from there to a very slow speed. However, the expansion of the release or the transition to free-play can cause shortages WildStar platinum, lead to temporary price increases.