Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Wildstar Trash mobs Tips

Trash mobs – Enemies on foot
1. Shocktroopers, Riflemen, Rocket Troopers group of 22k – 48k HP mobs. Try to pull them in a group, then use aoe attacks. Good damage dealer can solo them without a problem.

2. Sabouteurs approximately 24k HP. Defense turrets are temporarily disabled during their existence. They are stealth until revealed, or until they place a bomb in your defense turrets or generator. Disable their bombs as quickly as possible. They are always near generator and defense turrets.
3. Specialists are group of melee attackers, 66k HP, that use cc abilities like blindness.
4. Snipers are long range enemies 25k HP, that easily knockdown players, with no shield.

Trash mobs – Tanks

1. Assault Tanks (109k HP) They rush toward the generator, slow them down and destroy before they reach generator. Although they have large AOE telegraphs that occasionally spawn, you have to attack him all the time without dodging.
2. Hellfire Tanks 109K HP, deploy hellfire probes, that set everything on fire. They are usually guarded by Bomb Guardian NPCs.
3. Tank Bunker Busters are big cart loaded with explosives (300k HP). If it reaches generator, it’ll probably destroy it. This Tank and saboteurs are your

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