Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Very practical Wildstar Mount skills

Players can buy the first riding skill and mount at level 15 for approximately 0.1 wildstar platinum from mount vendor. Once you buy the mount, you’ll find it in your inventory first, where you should use it. This action adds the mount to your mount list. Now you can choose it from mount customization window.

With new game UI, “Z” button has been assigned to help players use their mounts easier. By default it is placed in your bottom left corner. It is activated by keyboard button “Z”. There is a small arrow on this same button. You can use it to bring up a popup menu with list of all mounts you have in your possession. Mark one of them, and you can activate it by pressing “Z” button. Advanced riding skill is available at level 40, costs around 0.35 ws platinum, and increases mounted speed by 15%.

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